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I became aware of Afghan hounds in 1973 and decided that I would have one to replace the Bassett hound sometime. This was the time when Afghan hounds were enormously popular and seen in great numbers. I looked at several of the named kennels of the time, but found the dog of my heart in a backyard litter in Wollongong. Due to circumstances brought about by the decimation of the litter by the then new Parvovirus we came home with “two for the price of one”; bitches...one black and tan...my preferred colour even now, and her sister a B/M gold. Life would not be the same without having had this girl in my life.

Rellisa Black Night (Sabi) was one of the 10 puppies, the only black and tan in a completely gold litter. She was the most outgoing independent little thing when we first went to see them at about 4 weeks old, stomping to the edge of the whelping box and demanding to be noticed. And of course she was. As the foundation of this kennel she is the matriarch of what has followed. Her achievements in both the ring and the whelping box have been unique. Perhaps her crowning achievement was to be awarded the bitch challenge and Opposite Sex in Show at the Anna Paton NSW Afghan Hound Club Specialty Show, which had an entry of 512 individual exhibits; and as the dam of the Best in Show winner Aust/NZ Ch Tadjik Shikari. This was the first time that the two challenge awards at a specialty show went to parent and offspring. It has happened since, but this was a first! She almost made the Australian Bred class her own by winning this class at many Specialties and All Breed Shows. Doyen began as Tadjik in 1973.

Born in 1974 this was the first litter I had bred, and after asking some of the well established breeders about suitable studs, as I was a complete novice, I was fortunate to be able to use Eve and Vic Siebrecht's Ch Raushan Jamil. This dog can be found in many of the extended pedigrees of the current high profile kennels in this country. Charlie was fostered by Eve, as his dam had tick fever, and he ultimately became one of the top specialty winners of the time. He won three specialty Best in Show awards, the first under Mrs Thelma Brown, USA, the next “The Anna Paton (Amudarya) Show” and then under the breed guru, Miss Margaret Niblock (Khanabad). These last two mentioned are the highlight of his career. He was also Runner up to Best in Show at the prestigious Spring Fair Dog Show having to meet three judges to gain this award; Mr Eddie Grevelt from the Netherlands, Ms Hermione Bruton,(Mirzabad), Wales, and the best in show judge was His Highness the Maharajah of Baria. All judges were either Afghan hound specialist/breeders or owners of top Afghan hounds. At that time the show attracted in the region of 3000 exhibits for the one show unlike the current situation. He was unfortunately used sparingly at stud, having get only for Calahorra, Jacosta, Alaqadar and Kelzarki. A dog from this litter won a huge Intermediate class for the Hickies, at the Royal Easter Show under the Dutch judge Mr. van Ommen Kloeke. From this beginning, Tadjik became Doyen in 1977, and has continued to breed quality Afghan hounds sparingly. We have accounted for six (6) Specialty wins, with five (5) different dogs, and two opposite sex in Specialty shows with two different bitches. Kennels such as Dzum and Gengala have bred champions from litters bred from Ch Doyen Chamaeleon; Dzum also had litters from both Ch Doyen in the Footlites, (Hannah) and SBIS Ch Doyen in the Spotlite (Star). They very successfully used this combination in subsequent litters. Afghan hounds bred by others using the combinations from progeny of the Doyen bitches have been exported with great success, in both UK and USA We are committed to preserving the Hound in Afghan by adhering to the standard which describes a strong functional hound of grace, beauty, elegance, and strength. His movement should be effortless, ground covering with no wasted bouncing up and down giving the impression of speed and power in an energy conserving manner showing his ability to hunt all day if required.

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