groomed poodle

Our costs are calculated on a calendar day; this allows us to keep a kennel space for you if you admit your dog in the afternoon, and gives plenty of time to thoroughly clean your vacated run before any new guest arrives.

Hygiene and cleanliness are a priority to prevent any possible cross infection. Daily charges depend on the size/breed of dog being boarded and range from small to giant breeds.

SMALL DOGS $12.00/day
All dogs less than a cocker spaniel in size

MEDIUM DOGS $14.00/day
Dogs up to but not including Labrador size

LARGE DOGS $15.00/day
Labradors up to but not including Great Dane size

GIANT BREEDS $16.00/day
All other dogs over 67 cm (30 inches) or 30kgs.
All Mastiff breeds and cross bred Mastiffs

CATS $9.50/day

For boarding exceeding 28 full days we offer a 5% discount.
Boarding due to the medical condition of the client's owner is also offered at a discounted rate.

groomed poodle

Grooming is based on the amount of work needing to be done.

Basic regular grooming. $45.00/dog

Badly matted and dirty $50.00/dog

Dogs who have not been groomed, as in the ‘before’ photo... $55.00/dog

Our clients are NOT sedated.
Toenails and ears are also routinely attended to, at no extra cost.
Ask about our pick-up and delivery service...a small fee applies for this convenience.

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